Eugenyj Rybnikov - guitar
Yuryj Vitel - bass
Kirill Soloviov - drums

Skafandr is an instrumental trio selfdefining their music style as metal-dub (a mix of dub, trip-hop, breakbeat and alternative metal).
All memebers of Skafandr began their musical career in different bands of Saint-Petersburg and gathered in the april of 1998. Since then Skafandr concentrated on instrumental music entirely.

Skafandr organized their own record label "Metal Dub Sound System". "Metal Dub Sound System" releases:
ep"8-812"/with Anna Stolyarova's vocal/ 2001
ep"Navstrechu Solntzu I Svetu/ Towards Sun and Light" 2002
ep"Episode III: Red Liberated Robots March At Planet Mars" 2003

EP "Navstrechu Solntzu I Svetu/ Towards Sun and Light" was reissued by "Caravan Records" in 2002. "Petrodisk" company released CD-compillation "Metal Dub Sound System: Vegetarian Food" in 2003 including such bands as Skafandr, Peaceful Atom, Sensiva.
In the winter of 2004 DTF-GAmes released PC-game "Stalingrad" (military-historical real time strategy, devoting to the one of the most great World War II battle in Stalingrad). Skafandr recorded the original soundtrack to the game.

Some Skafandr records released with the help of nice people gain special attention:
SKAFANDR/TRI KRESTA "Molchanie-Smert/ Silence is Death"
2002 ShSS
Chaotic indie-rock split-cassette with Moscow's emo influence. Participants - SKYGRAIN, B'67 ect. ShSS (Sharapov Sound System) is a Saint-Petersburg DIY hardcore/punk label in the person of Dmitryj Ivanov aka Sharapov.
Skafandr live-recording was made in Moloko club.

SKAFANDR/THE BLAMED "Vse Budet Zaebis/ Everything's Gonna Be Fucking Great"
2003 Karma Mira
Split-cassette - Skafandr with american emo/post-hardcore band The Blamed with private lyrics.
Karma Mira is a Saint-Petersburg DIY hardcore/punk label in the person of Kirill Michailov aka George.
Skafandr live-recording was made in rehearsals at LenNauchFilm.



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